I often receive questions such as, “Can I do exercise if I have fibroids?” “Can Women do exercise while having fibroids?” Most of these questions asked by women who are suffering from fibroids symptoms such as heavy bleeding, pelvic pressure, frequent urination, etc.

Fibroids are a very common female condition. In fact, 70 to 80 percent of females above 45 experience fibroids development once in their life – And risk also increases if you are African decent or overweight.

Fibroids often disturb whole life activities and patients often wonder if it is acceptable to do exercising while having fibroids?

The short answer is YES.

Yes! you can do exercise if you have fibroids. In fact, exercise can slow down fibroids growth and improve liver function to eliminate excess estrogen from the body. However, fibroids can affect your lifestyle and interfere with your exercise.

The first way how fibroids can affect your life is by creating an iron deficiency. This is connected to heavy bleeding that most women suffer as a symptom of fibroids. This can make any woman fatigue and weak. Women lose energy to exercise that eventually leads to weight gain.

Fibroid tumors are firm and located on the uterus. Patients can feel hard when they touch them. And because of this, it is suitable to avoid certain exercises (such as sit-ups, crunches, and lower body exercises) because they can be painful when artery wall pressed on.

Note. Not every exercise is suitable for women with fibroids. It largely depends on the level of fitness, fibroids size, location, and the number of fibroid tumors a patient has in her body.

Who Should You Do Exercise With Fibroids?

It is important to don’t give up your physical activities even if you have fibroids.

In fact, fibroids exercises can help in reducing fibroids growth that will come handy in the healing process. Additionally, exercises stop your body from storing fat. This will reduce the estrogen level in the body. And we all know excess estrogen is one of the main causes of fibroids growth. So by eliminating excess estrogen, fibroids will not grow.

And finally, exercises improve mood thanks to a hormone called endorphins that brain releases during exercise.

Weight gain combined with high-stress level promote fibroids development. However, exercise can regulate weight, improve metabolism, strengthen the inner eco-system, reduce stress, and help in reducing fibroids symptoms.

What Are Some Best Exercises To Deal With Fibroids?

easy exercise for fibroids


First of all, you have to consult your doctor and seek his/her permission if you can start exercise because fibroids vary in size, location, and numbers.

Here are some common fibroids exercises to do:

  • Easy Walking and Jogging – preferably on natural grass or on a treadmill. Walking is an extremely effective exercise. Of course, you have to start slowly with care. And as you go, start increasing the time or distance of walking after every week. You can also include 35 seconds to 60 seconds of jogging in between your walk.
  • Morning Exercises – some easy stretching exercises at a slow pace. Stretching exercises are good for improving posture and also help in decreasing back pain – one of the fibroids symptoms. Additionally, stretching helps in preventing injury and muscle soreness as well.
  • Pilates – Helps in strengthen muscles and also improve the immune system. Pilates exercises also help in reducing stress and promote relaxation. You can incorporate breathing exercises to improve your lung function.
  • Breathing exercise – great for reducing stress. In fact, breathing exercise is one of the best exercises for stress management. There are many different types of breathing exercises but morning breathing is the most effective one.
  • Swimming – this is a great non-weight exercise as water will hold your bodyweight. You can spend 30 minutes to an hour swimming. If you don’t know how to swim, then you can join a club or you can also do water aerobics.
  • Cardio – these exercises can be good as they help in losing weight and strengthen your core muscles. Always choose low-impact cardio exercises. Try to spend 30 to 45 minutes, 4 to 5 days a day to create a calorie deficit and lose weight.
  • Yoga – make sure you select yoga moves which are not too difficult for you. In fact, it is said that certain yoga moves help in reducing fibroids pain. These yoga moves open up the uterus and remove congestion from the uterine wall. However, make sure you do yoga moves with a good yoga teacher and let him/her know about your condition. Of course, do easy and slow-pace yoga moves.

What Exercise Should You Avoid?

When it comes to fibroids, then there are a few exercises that you should not do if you have fibroids. These are:

  • Exercise with weights – avoid lifting weight as it can put pressure on the uterus. You also have to avoid weight lifting machines that involve muscle contractions, as these exercises can put too much stress on your uterus.
  • CrossFit – including all exercise routines which are too difficult for your body. You should also avoid all exercises which contain motions such as jumping, bouncing, and sudden motions.
  • Sports Training – If you are an athlete then it is better to treat fibroids before starting your professional training. Also avoid high-impact sports such as soccer, basketball, and ice-hockey because they can create excessive abdominal and joints stress.

Final Few Words:

Fibroids-Free Life

It is important to have an active healthy life even if you are suffering from fibroids symptoms. Exercise is vital for a fit and healthy life.

However, only exercise alone is not enough to eliminate fibroids symptoms, you need you to select surgical or natural fibroids treatment plan to get rid of fibroids safely and naturally.





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